Natalie and Mark hard at work in the closing stages of the Flying Stakes home in 55.2 and 26.1.  Rousing Cup trials from both

Natalie and Mark hard at work in the closing stages of the Flying Stakes home in 55.2 and 26.1.  Rousing Cup trials from both

Lazarus, Trevor, Kate, Glenys and Phil. How many sleeps to Cup Day ?

Lazarus, Trevor, Kate, Glenys and Phil. How many sleeps to Cup Day ?


The death of SCUSE ME at Woodlands Stud last Thursday is the end of an era in New Zealand breeding but the positive aspects to her passing were very evident at Ashburton yesterday. HAVE FAITH IN ME, YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH ,DREAM ABOUT ME, CHRISTEN ME and SUPERFECTA all saw to that.

Scuse Me, trained by Mark and officially bred by him,, was 23 and had been struggling for a whileMary Kenny said.

"It was the humane thing to put her down.  It was sad in its own way but she leaves such a wonderful legacy there were a lot of positives to go with it.

"We have four generations of the family at Woodlands. Her dam Super Smooth (dam of Superfecta) is still hale and hearty at 27."

Scuse Me, who held the New Zealand mile record in her racing days and was repatriated from the United States for breeding here left 11 winners from her first 11 foals to race. Her daughters like Splendid Dreams (dam of Hands Christian, Christen Me and Dream About Me) and You Gotta Have Faith's dam Abide With Me plus others. And probably sooner than later ADORE ME the greatest racemare of recent timeswill add to the next generation.  Dream About Me must be the most valuable racemare still on the tracks in Australasia.

There are many chapters to be written yet about the Scuse Me breeding phenomenon. It has been more prolific in a short period of time than any family to have gone before.  She was a jewel of Woodlands Stud and has been a huge boon toAll Stars stable. We pay her her due tribute and trust the success will continue for generations to come.


Mark, Dream About Me with Mary and Paul after her brilliant resumption at Ashburton. A reminder of the great legacy of Scuse Me who was put down on Thursday.

Mark, Dream About Me with Mary and Paul after her brilliant resumption at Ashburton. A reminder of the great legacy of Scuse Me who was put down on Thursday.




MR MOJITO is almost certain to be added to the travelling team to the Perth Interdominions all going well in his leadup trials and races.

He will join SMOLDA, HAVE FAITH IN ME and PICCADILLY PRINCESS (4YO mare FEATURES)  on the trip Mark and Natalie have decided.

Mr Mojito, which was to trial tomorrow ( Tuesday)  has shown high promise and will be aimed at the $A200,000 Golden Nugget the final of which will be run on December 9 the same night as the Inter Dominion Final. He would also race in the McIrneney Ford Pace ($125,000) November 25 and the Four Year Old Championship ($50,000) on December 2.

Piccadilly Princess is aimed chiefly at the $A125,000 Mares Classic on December 9 with two lead up events aimed at that.




Mark and Natalie will be the guests of Pinjarra trainer GARY ELSON during their stay in Perth for the Inter Dominions. That has a shade of irony since earlier this year the stables were rivals in the Victorian Derby.

Gary had his star youngster SPRINTER at the Victorian Derby where he won a heat. However Lazarus proved too strong for all the Australians in the final  kicking off what would be a memorable year. The Elson three year old again met an All Stars runner when CHASE THE DREAM ventured over for the WA Derby.

Sprinter justified Gary's long trip from Perth was justified by the horse's performance. He had earlier won the WA Golden Slipper as a two year old and provided a double pronged attack on age group features in the past year with Ideal Tyson also going well.

Gary is based at Pinjarra where he has been a prominent trainer for some years. One of his best performers was CROMBIEwhich won the WA Derby and the McIrnerny Classic as well as an Inter Dominion heat and the Bunbury Cup.




"The stables where the champions were made"- Roy's Runners




Piccadilly Princess and Dream About Me added to Smolda and Titan Banner in the Cup,  Stroke of Luck, Smiley Sophie, All Star Magician-plus Benecio on the first day, Sunday.

"We were thinking Piccadilly Princess for it but we will wait and see how she comes through and at this stage she is not likely to run. Dream About Me won't either. I am just waiting to see how they come through a run at the Cup Trials to decided what is up for them in Cup week. "

Smolda was labelled "50/50" by Natalie on Monday but could easily make the trip north even though it won't be his favourite track by any means.



Two year olds, Duplicated, Spankem, Motu Rampage, Funatthebeach and Arden's Winstar are headed for Rangiora on Tuesday. Older horses going are Spanish Armada, Chase the Dream, Renske B Augusta, and Myidealson





 ( A SMALL REQUEST TO OWNERS - If you want to call Natalie and Mark for any reason could you please make it after noon ?  They are VERY busy in the mornings especially hopple days))



Kaikoura Sunday/Monday





























































VINCENT   "A class horse as he showed last time in and he did it easy today, maybe even easier than I thought.  He will be placed around now looking at the Victorian Derby campaign in January. He is a very stylish horse and I have always thought a lot of him. ALL STAR ANGUS . "He was fair enough I thought. It wasn't too hard for him early and then he was in the open for a while. He hasn't had the racing and I think a few more starts will see him really hit it. So I wasn't disappointed at all.

DREAM ABOUT ME  "A great effort. We easily forget how good she is. She was carrying come condition today so she would only improve from here for Addington.  When a quip came about maybe she should have been in the Cup this year ? "She will be next year!"

LAZARUS "Another step along and he did it all well. A bit slow but he had to do some work and I was a little concerned what Have Faith In Me would come up with in the straight but he found some more. That was quite significant because he didn't leave any excuses. He will go to the Cup Trial now and so far all to plan"





                                                                                                                                                    BOULTS ON FIRE  "A good run. He just ran into one better on the day and Vincent is a pretty special horse on what he did last season.  So not disgraced at all.

MR MOJITO " I really like this horse. Its hard to fault him. He has a great temperament a great attitude and he has real speed. When you look at the fractions he ran and howeasily he did it you can see he might be a bit special. He will run on Cup Day all going well before going to Perth.

YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH " I really think he is going to be so much better when he gets a sit and sprint race. He feels so strong in behind them waiting for a go but if he gets there too soon he's a bit dumb and his concentration wanders. Today didn't work out as ideal because I got further back than I wanted. I might have been tempted to stay there and chance the sprint home but when you are on an odds on shot you can't take those sort of risks. So he still has stuff to learn but he is worth waiting for"

HAVE FAITH IN ME  "To be honest I was just thrilled with how he went away apart from anything else. He was more relaxed over there where they start and he didn't get wound up like he can sometimes.  I mean he is a sheep around the stables it is only the raceday atmosphere which seems to get him.  After that he had a good run tho he had to sit in the open for a while. He got a bit rough when I pulled the gear late but not a worry. I thought it was a terrific run. I don't think he can beat Lazarus unless he does things right and he did it mostly right today. "













SPONDULICKS"I thought he was a wee bit disappointing. He was travelling well most of the way but when I asked him to let down it just wasn't there. I don't doubt his ability he is just taking time to grow into his frame. I have spoken to Mark about him and I think he is considering putting him aside for a while to grow more into his frame but that is not my decision. I know he will make it and is better than he showed today.

PICCADILLY PRINCESS  "The way it was run you just couldn't make up that ground at that speed so I wasn't disappointed with her. It was a good run first up and she just got a little out of it at a vital stage when they really flew home.  She will improve. "

TIM ROUNDED THE DAY OFF WITH A DOUBLE- Lovetodream which has a family ownership won the Mare's Mile after some clever judgement of pace up front which made it too tough for the backrunners.  Then SUPERFECTA " Once he began like that he was always going to be hard and there were no realworries then. A good ending to a long day !"
















Sky Major who I am going to train back in Canada when we head back there in December will be waiting for me when we get there. He is off next week for the States so we have been busy organising what happens to him in the meantime. While I spent most of my time in Canada I trained for nine years in New Jersey and it was quite good that when I inquired about board for him after he arrives in New York the staff at the place I wanted to be remembered me. I didn't expect they would. He will be there for a week or so and then hop on a truck back to Ontario after the Breeders Cup when transport will be all on. I have a contact up there who will jog him up so I can start straight in with him.

I will be training out of a training centre I have used before which has three fast tracks and a great jogging setup.  It was established by one of the leading Canadian trainers and offers a lot at reasonable value. Training centres are very popular over there but the costs vary a lot.

When I was training up there I had a major owner who wanted to go to the best available and my 20 boxes cost $10,000 a month which is ok if you have some top stock but if you are running in claimers and races like that it is a big hole to fill. But other good ones can cost only $5000. Apart from Sky Major my mate Mike and I will be looking at claimers from which you can make a good living if you do it right and we have had some good success doing it over the years. Choosing the right training deal is critical for the bottom line but I think we have got a good result.

Sky Major might have a bleeding problem and the use of Lasix might be a big boost to him. I would be looking at a series like the George Morton at Yonkers with him all going well.  The medication issue is something you can talk about all day. In North America the attempt was to control illegal medication by making some of the ok stuff available under certain conditions. The problem is human nature.  Some people think if a dose is good for a horse two doses will be much better. It doesn't work like that. But some things help keep horses racing and don't do a lot of harm if any.  It will be interesting to see how Sky Major goes. Trevor Casey is of course driving the project and as he says, what else do you do with a horse in this situation ?

Cullenmore I find might have a minor wind affliction since he started racing which would explain his reluctance to kick on in the straight.  The actual original project to work him back to soundness using technques I used at home has been a success. So he might be able to redeem himself yet.








My first stable I shared with my father and then I went to Te Awamutu around 1953 and trained there for about six years. It was quite a good setup and I had my share of success there. But when I came back to Pukekohe I went dairy farming for about two years to raise a bit of cash. I  hated that milking twice a day !  We sold the farm and I started training again with four horses from the back of a house we rented in Pukekohe. I was getting a lot of driving then and the training was a backup but we had a bit of luck and got so many horses offered to us I had to make a move.

I bought a place in Clevedon around 1972 which had hardly any facilities for horses apart from an old cowshed to gear them up in. What attracted me was that a track had already beenlaid there by Monty Baker and once we got organised with the buildings and moved the horses in from the paddocks we started going really well.  I had won my first premiership then and things got bigger.

After a few years I bought 37 acres (about 16ha) at Ardmore from Bob Clark and Tony and Mark worked from there.  I would be with them and then over at Clevedon when Barry was away,sort of back and forward. That worked ok but there was a lot of money around in the 1980's forhorse properties and I sold the Ardmore stable to the Horseplayers Syndicate for big money. Mark and Tony came back toClevedon. Brian O'Meara was their trainer then and they built a big barn there atArdmore which included entertaining facilities for owners including a billiard table upstairs.. It was fairly grand for the time.

After the crash, about 1989 they came to me to see if I was interested in rebuying the Ardmore property after it had been passed in at auction for a lot less than I had got for it. I made an offer a bit below that and after a while they came back with an acceptance. Robert Reid was our partner for a while but eventually I bought him out. I had told Mark and Tony who were keen to use it as their base that if I could get it at the money I offered theywere in -and so it proved.

Running two stables is a challenge but not that hard if you are organised. I spoke to Barry every night if I wasn't at Clevedon so everyone knew what was going on. One of the big secrets is to prepare the work sheets the day or night before. If the staff can see on the board which are the first horses in they can get straight to them and if the first set is off good and smooth it helps set the tempo for the rest of the morning.

Which was the more successful stable ? Well it worked out pretty even in the end. Some seasons Barry would be ahead and some we would be ahead. But it all worked out ideal for how we wanted to train and most important the horses did really well there.






















STABLE STATS 2016-2017 *12 G1's just in Australia this year *Barry and Mark post a First Four on the same night Addington/Auckland

STABLE STATS 2016-2017

*12 G1's just in Australia this year

*Barry and Mark post a First Four on the same night Addington/Auckland

Our Stable Manager Michelle. Ph 0279370206 with your queries

Our Stable Manager Michelle. Ph 0279370206 with your queries


1.Auckland Reactor 32 wins $1,770,700

2.Adore Me 26 wins                     $1,677,032

3.Il Vicolo 31 wins                        $1,574,443

4.Smolda* 25 wins                        $1,503,830

5.I Can Doosit 36 wins               $1,442,675


6. Have Faith in Me $1.381,446

7.Young Rufus 22 wins               $1,039,382

8. Highview Tommy 17 wins   $1,021,904

(Close but no cigar dept-Pride of Petite ($811,816) Jack Cade ($742,232)




182 wins in 2015-2016 ANZ seasons-greatest ever by a NZ stable.