While there has been huge interest in the ongoing negotiations for the sale of Lazarus, the saga might not be over yet.

Under the auspices of John Curtin, Lazarus was sold to TAYLOR MADE  FARMS  and Stallions of Nicholasville (Kentucky) while  Martinez Equine, who helped broker the deal, has been prominent at North American harness sales for several years 

However the stated intention of the new owners is to syndicate Lazarus further though most likely for  stud duty when racing plans come to fruition. Taylor Made, now solely a thoroughbred stud in Kentucky, have been syndicating a few harness horses , especially stallions, in a similar vein in recent years, always in partnership with standardbred interests. The most recent was What the Hill, the Breeder's Crown winner of 2017 and disqualified from first in the Hambletonian  (for breaking) who will stand at Ohio this season at $US7000

Taylor Made Farms is split into divisions and it is the Taylor Made Sales division involved in the Lazarus operation and similar deals.

Taylor Made, where California Chrome is the star attraction among the new stallions -standing at $US40,000 -is run by four Taylor brothers  and their lifelong friend Pat Payne. The Taylor's  father, Joe, and grandfather both developed and trained top standardbreds. The boys grew up with horses of both codes.

Joe Taylor trained standardbreds for Clarence Gaines at Gainesway Farm, now a famous thoroughbred stud, and then switched to the gallopers with Gaines. 

Duncan Taylor began establishing Taylor Made with brother Frank  when only 19, initially  as a thoroughbred agistment operation on ground leased from Gainesway, in 1976 . They expanded rapidly and and gradually emerged as major players in the Kentucky industry,

Frank Taylor last raced a standardbred in 2004 in partnership with his childhood friend Steve Stewart but the filly, Eileen Donan, went amiss when showing classic quality.

Steve Stewart might well be a name to remember in the future of Lazarus. A commercial standardbred breeder of huge reputation, he has bought, sold and syndicated several high priced standardbred horses over the years for his Hunterton Farm including paying $US650,000 for a renowned trotter, Mission Brief for breeding purposes. 

He was also involved in the syndication of What the Hill with Taylor Made. and his 2018 book is full and closed

In 2016 Stewart  sold  Tactical Landing as a yearling for $US800,000 the second highest price ever paid for a standardbred yearling. Martinez Equine was also the broker on that occasion. High hopes are held for Tactical Landing in this season's classics.

His Hunterton Farm, now on the land of the famed Stoner Creek Stud (once owned by the Hertz Rental Car  founder who bred  a Kentucky Derby winner there and  then later the home of supersire Meadow Skipper as well as  Nevele Pride for Norman Woolworth) , began with 40ha in 1981 and now at 450ha, breeding 200 foals a year. It is claimed to be the biggest standardbred horse farm in the world that does not stand a stallion. Steve Stewart bought into 1.46 mile record holder Always B Miki America's previous aged champion who has been well received at stud


Last week Phil Creighton was making speeches in the deep south as co-owner of HEAVEN ROCKS a Southland Racing Awards winner and as co-owner of ULTIMATE MACHETE at the same function. But he would have got a special thrill from PRINCESS TIFFANY'S  debut win at Alexandra Park on Friday which produced the third All Stars quinella for the night after SICARIO and CHASE AUCKLAND, followed by ELLE MAC and DELIGHT IN ME in the Pascoe Oaks where BETTOR DELIGHT sired the first four placegetters.

Phil and Margaret Creighton with Stu Gillan bred Princess Tiffany's dam,DANCING DIAMONDS and at the sales after a hitch involving a retreating buyer a deal was struck with  Braeden and Caroline Whitelock where they would race  the filly  with the  Creightons  and race the first filly with them. The first foal was Rock Diamonds, doing well in Australia and Princess Tiffany was the second foal and first filly so everyone wins.

Dancing Diamonds was from Asabella, a boom broodmare for the Creightons and Gillan. Dancing Diamonds won over $340,000 on the track as well. 

Princess Tiffany had a good workout and trial leadup and her win was no surprise  but the style she showed on debut showed her to be a high class prospect in upcoming filly features.

Phil and Margaret had a second thrill on the night with the run of THE MOONSHADOW  who made an impressive debut after working hard in the middle stages.

BUBBLED UP her stablemate lost no caste either doing work during the race and briefly lit looked like Mark was going to produce his second upset of the night but she had no answer to her stablemate's final challenge.

Meanwhile Natalie had posted her first winner in the PASCOE'S DERBY  with ELLE MAC dictating the terms and winning for fun with DELIGHT IN ME adding to a G1 quinella and the 220th  G1 win by the stable-quite remarkable


You hear it wherever you go from a vocal minority-the amazing success of Mark and Natalie is "not good for the game". It is hard to understand what this actually means given aiming to win and excellence in achieving that is what horse racing is supposed to be about. But it appears that dominating of Premier days leaving rival owners out of pocket is one factor.

While the real sportsmen and women in the industry applaud the remarkable chain of success unparallelled in 130 years of our history rivals  frustration over what they call the "blue army" is understandable. Mark and Natalie's charges are always hard to beat But "not good for the game ?" -its a myth.

In 2017 All Stars won 50 Premier races,  a staggering feat. But in fact  horses from Rolleston started in less than 50 per cent of the Premier races held. That left 80 Premier races to be contested without any All Stars colours in the field. Hardly extreme domination-more extreme strike rate, which is quite a different thing. 

Domination by large stables,hardly new,  is as inevitable in harness racing as it has been with the thoroughbreds. It  takes superior horsemanship and the business savvy to capitalise.The forces behind it-especially the dominance of the Yearling Sales  now almost  a trainer's greatest challenge of the season -and the financial power syndication brings, are similar. It's progress. Indeed relying on a torch-bearing stable like All Stars to raise the profile of the game is far superior to having a series of small teams with little national profile.

Of course this sort of thing is not new as Roy and Barry could tell you. Success always brings envy as well as admiration and success on the All Stars scale adds to both. 

Their success can be put down to expert selection of yearlings (more like a genius); expert development of young stars but equally with older ones; patience success brings; a vision of how harness racing is developing at the top level; round the clock planning and hands on work ethic amounting to enormous dedication and so the attraction to owners willing to invest.

Most thinking administrators, far from wanting to blunt the All Stars success (as the new rating system has) know encouraging their long term committment to our industry is essential if they want to be on the big stage.

Stats show there  are still plenty of races left to win for others if their horses are good enough. All Stars being "Not good for the game" is not an excuse if they are not.


A man Mark has been truly grateful to during the All Stars team visit to West Australia is Gary Elson a well known trainer at Pinjarra. Just now Gary has a little problem with the authorities but he only came up with solutions when it came to catering for Lazarus, Ultimate Machete, Piccadilly Princess and Have Faith In Me.

"Actually he deserves a lot of credit for how well  we are doing there" Mark says. 

"I stayed with Gary last year when the team was over. He has a great facility but there were just a few changes I wanted to make to help our horses in the heat over there which the local horses have got used to. "

" I talked to Gary this time and suggested the things I wanted to do. I didn't want him to feel he had to go to all the trouble so I offered to send someone over to set it up"
"He just said leave it all to me and when we arrived it was perfectly set up. Those sort of things make a big difference when you are travelling horses to top races and it was really great of him to go out of his way to help us like that"

Phil Kennard spoke in similar vein on behalf of the owners. "A really great guy, down to earth, you can say anything to him and a conversation starts. We were lucky to have a guy like that host our horses and he really seemed to enjoy it too"

Gary has trained an number of top liners including the Mach Three speedster Sprinter which crossed the Nullabor to run against Lazarus in the Victorian Derby as a three year old. Cott Beach and Ideal Tyson was another outstanding performer for him. He hit the news last week after Arturus returned an irregular swab but his efforts to host the Kiwi stars in the best possible conditions have been truly appreciated by Mark and Natalie          


The owner who travelled furtherest to watch the races at Alexandra Park last Friday was Hal David, orginally from Hastings, then Christchurch then Sydney and now the Gold Coast. He was there for a special thrill-watching Bare Knuckle give his stallion Raging Bull his first winner. For Hal it was the end of a long journey one that brought many changes to his thinking on racing.

"I have always been interested in racing" Hal recalls. "My grandfather was a bookmaker so there were always race commentaries in the house and talk about racing. But when I got into it myself it was with gallopers. It is only in recent times I have gradually got rid of them having  about seven left before Raging Bull captured my attention"

Based in Hastings for several years with the Watties/Heinz enterprise, Hal then moved to Christchurch where he was based for many years. For a time he was a very serious punter.

"I was putting 40 or 50 hours a week research into it and I was doing well. In fact the TAB sort of closed me down and after the Australian bookmakers got sick of me too I cut right back on it."

Hal fell in love with Raging Bull right from the start. 

"I thought he looked like a thoroughbred. He was a stunning horse and I could see the potential he had, Even now a lot of people don't realise how good he was. He fought injury all the way through and there was a delay getting him on to the beach that I think cost his race career. But I wanted to do everything I could to show how good he could have been"

That took time and caused some disruption.  In the end after a couple of compulsory conferences, Hal ended the controversy by buying out partners Trevor Inwood and Ross Stanbury. Instead of going to a full  beach regime from Cran Dalgety's, he had gone to Brendon Hill at Dancingonmoonlight Farm, whose principal Robert Famulario had sat in on some discussions about the horse and was keen to breed to him. He was right. He bred Bare Knuckle.

"I wanted him to race again and the others didn't have my passion for that. We tried stem cells and various things but he went in the suspensory in his good leg and that was that"

"I had sent him out to John and Karen Parsons for some beach work and he was coming up very well. In fact it was on an Addington comeback race morning that he went amiss for the last time. John rated him better than Harnetts Creek and he and Karen have bred their best mares to him.  I have a lot of time for John and Karen and the way they helped me while I was trying to find somewhere for the horse to stand.


Hal was determined to make a stud career for Raging Bull but that was easier said than done

"His first couple of years didn't work out quite like I had hoped  and I was a bit disheartened by it all but when Noel Kennard said he was going to stand a stallion we agreed Raging Bull would join him and things have looked up since then"

"He has a good setup for a stallion because he is a Christian Cullen from an outcross American family and suits a lot of our mares"

"There was quite some anguish at that time because I lost a brother and that hit me "

Hal had another unusual approach to helping his stallion-he didn't buy any mares to breed to him. It was unusual but it paid off in spades.

"I thought I would set him up as best I could and then buy foals from his first crops. Robert had patronised him strongly and it was from him I bought Bare Knuckle."

"Robert didn't want to race the fillies and was looking to offload about half a dozen. He wanted to concentrate on the colts. So we came to an arrangement for me to buy Bare Knuckle.

"We had one other Raging Bull, a colt, but he is not measuring up so far. He is with the Ken and Tony Barron stable at the moment. Bare Knuckle always looked the part to my eye and it is hard to get into that family (Scuse Me) these days so she looked ideal for me.

Natalie took a shine to her early but aid she needed time and she was put aside as a late two year old. I'll admit I wanted her racing to boost Raging Bull but as usual there the right decision was made"

Hal admits he was lucky to get the filly into All Stars who had their biggest crop of yearlings ever that year. He thanks Mark Smolenski for that.

"Mark broke both of them in and liked the filly better than the colt. He said he would speak to Mark about getting her in the stable. Mark had told me they were very full of youngsters and probably would not be taking any outside horses.  But he agreed to trial her after talking to the other Mark and after he trialled  her she was in. I considered we were very lucky there. In a stable like that you know the standards are high and if your horse doesn't measure up you know exactly where you are. To me that makes the higher fees worthwhile. You are not wasting your money"

Hal's partner in Bare Knuckle is his only surviving brother George who still lives in Hastings.

"I had to talk him into it and then he didn't like the name. It took a while to persuade him it was ok.  It fitted the Jake Lamotta angle and it looks a good name to him now"



**Bare Knuckle is a great advertisement for his sire Raging Bull who is owned by the filly's co-owner, Hal David. But she also has close ties to the All Stars stable history Her sire was trained by Cran Dalgety  but her dam Coca Vicola, bred by Charlie Roberts was by Mark's first pacing superstar Il Vicolo and from Scuse Me of which he is the recorded breeder  and of course has proved a maternal gem for Woodlands Stud and All Stars. Mark actually bred Scuse Me's dam, Super Smooth from Time Lag who is another who features high up on the All Stars honours board. Time Lag in June 1987 became the first horse Mark successfully raced himself.  He was then a junior driver but steered her home for Roy and Barry's stable for a milestone victoRY




1 Black's a Fake $4.575m 2 Im Themightyquinn $4.567m 3-Smoken Up $3.66m 4-Mr Feelgood* $3.36m 6- Monkey King $3.33 m 7 Lennytheshark $2.56 8 Smolda $2.4om-9Terror To Love $2.377m 10 Changeover $2.32m 11-Shakamaker $2.29m

Mr Feelgood won the bulk of his stakes in the USA

Other horses we have found to have won over $A2m in descending order- Our Sir Vancelot, Lyell Creek*, Christen Me, Beautide, Village Kid, and Westburn Grant ($2.074m).

NZ ONLY -Elsu won over $NZ2m while Luxury Liner, Christopher Vance, Chokin, Auckland Reactor, Master Musician, Holmes D G and Yulestar won between$1.7m and $1.9m each.

*Lyell Creek seems a little short changed in Australian records at $2.25m.. He won over $2.9m according to his New Zealand record which would place him 7th on our overall(unofficial) list


As usual winning any Group 1 race is a challenge even for All Stars.  We didn't make it this year but . Mark trained four successive winners in the race from 2000 -and drove them all.

Our winners: More the Bettor2016-Chase the Dream 2015-Follow the Stars 2014-Fly Like An Eagle 2011-Steve McQueen 2007-Advance Attack 2003-Lennon 2002-Light and Sound 2001 -Jack Cade 2000.

In addition Mark drove The Court Owl to win in 1994. He has driven nine winners of the race while Natalie took the honours with Chase the Dream.

Quinellas: Pacing Major 2016-Lazarus 2015.

Woodlands Derby

The record in the Derby is not quite as impressive but we don't know of many stables who wouldn't mind swapping ! Our winners:

Lazarus 2016-Have Faith in Me 2013-Russley Rascal 2010-Fiery Falcon 2008-The Court Owl 1996.

Mark drove three of those winners, Tim and Blair Orange the other two. Mark drove Il Vicolo to win in 1994 but did not officially train him at that stage.

Quinellas- Chase the Dream 2016-Lazarus 2015.

***THE MEMORYOF FORMER RANGIORA HORSEMAN, FRANK MURFITT hung heavily over the celebrations of the Van Beek family after ASHLEY LOCAZ dashed home impressively to win his juvenile debut at Addington Thursday. That was after a typical ice cool drive by Natalie who sat patiently 3 back, looked to be giving the leaders a good start but flashed home along the inner to win going away.

"Yes he was dashing. He has genuine speed. He will go to the Kindergarten now" Natalie said. "It was an encouraging run and it gives us a line on the other young ones both theirs and ours and that's encouraging too"

Peter Van Beek, the team leader in the family syndicate, worked  with Frank Murfitt,the  astute trainer who once prepared Ashley Knight who became the fastest New Zealand pacer ever when he ran 1.52.2 in the USA only a short time after leaving the Murfitt stable. Ashley Locaz is from that same family and hasproduced heaps of winners.

Peter's wife, Judy, is Frank Murfitt's daughter. Since the  they have bred various horses from the family with good results.

Ashley Cullen, the dam of the colt, won races from Dean Taylor and David and Catherine Butt stables and Ashley Locaz is her first foal after two earlier matings did not end well.

Frank Murfitt was associated with this family from the 1940's , chiefly through the mare,Naomi Brigade, and it has produced a number of good winners over the years. Some were bred with Dr Clive Moody a stable supporter and the addition of Bettor's Delight over a Christian Cullen mare seems again to have worked the oracle.

Peter recalled that they were anxious to get into All Stars but knew it was against the odds. But Peter had a cunning plan.

"We got the colt broken in by Mark Smolenski and knew he did Mark and Natalie's youngsters so we were hoping he might make an impression while he was there. Mark was not that keen because they had so many youngsters but Mark Smolenski suggested he might be the goods and Mark said he would take him for a week on trial. He has been there ever since.




WELL IT IS NOT EASY TO SAY GOODBYE to all the thrills I have had working at All Stars. The highlight is quite hard to sort out. Lazarus's Cup win is an obvious one but Adore Me's Cup Day was great too and it was an especial thrill for me when I got the opportunity to go over for the Miracle Mile Day in Sydney. Not only was it a great occasion but we had such a great result that day. Have Faith In Me I always rated as a very special horse from his early days so there was that as well.

I have often been asked what sets Mark and Natalie's operation apart.  There are the obvious things like how they develop a horse to the peak of its potential and the organisation and dedication that goes into it all. The special aspect for me is in their hands.  They can just seem to sense through feel how a horse is doing, and if there is a problem working out a solution.  They might not be able to tell you how they know but they just do.  I mean the results just this year have been sensational, you can only stand and wonder. If I was any help in that I am proud of what I have been able to do but it is what they are able to do that counts most.  I don't think many people outside the game could have any idea how hard they work and just how many aspects there are to running a big stable having that sort of success.

What can I take home from the All Stars operation ? Well Sky Major is already on a Purdon/Rasmussen regime back in Canada. I will be preparing him for Trevor Casey there and he is doing fine so far but training him the All Stars way will be a bit different up there. I am that impressed with their methods that I will be using them instead of the ones I have used up there previously and I had my fair share of success doing it that way.

New Zealand racing ? It has a lot going for it but I cannot understand the handicapping system and how it is badly designed for breeders and people who want to race their horses in New Zealand. I thought that would be the aim but it isn't really.  It virtually forces people to sell horses to Australia or at least persuade them that is the best outcome and we are becoming just an export industry.  I wouldn't have thought that was the best outcome for promoting the sport here.  It has to affect the standard of racingand if that doesn't hold up there isn't going to be much new blood coming into the game and there are smaller foal crops anyway.

You might notice a lot of horses sold to North America now are mares. That is no surprise. At home the sexes are kept separate for handicapping purposes. So a good mare never has to run against the colts and has plenty of race opportunities while the open class mares don't get many chances here like they do in America. I thought maybe something like that would help in New Zealand.

I still like the North American handicapping by the stable too. In those claimers you can put your horse at its right level or you can have a go at the higher staked claimers if you think you have a shot. You don't get that freedom here. But the racing is good especially on Cup Day and Jewels Day another of my favourites.

I still haven't decided what the racing future holds for me up there. I have been offered horses already and I still have a lot of connections up there who want me to train bigger numbers because we had a bit of luck with our claimers before. But at this stage I am still assessing things. Janet has a job she has always wanted at the University of Ontario and I will have to contribute my share ! We both have family there too and that is a factor in looking further north.

Will we be back ? I hope so. We both loved it here and I enjoyed the racing and the people in it.  We worked hard but we had a lot of fun too.  We certainly have not counted out coming back and from my point of view I have to say it is hard to leave a stable like All Stars.

Thanks to all who have helped and a Merry Xmas and happy New Year to you all from us both.  You live in a great country.


2015-2016 was a MEMORABLE season for our three year olds. They won EVERY Group One pacing race of the New Zealand season, quinellaed EIGHT of them and trifectaed one. In addition they won the NSW DERBY, VICTORIA DERBY ,VICTORIA OAKS and the NSW OAKS in Australia.  That is THIRTEEN G1 winners from one crop.  The New Zealand triumphs were-

SIRES STAKES FINAL;   LAZARUS -  1950M 2.19.2 (1.54.8) quinella with Chase the Dream

SIRES STAKES FINAL: GOLDEN GODDESS -2200M 2.36.9 (1.54.7) quinella with Piccadilly Princess

GREAT NORTHERN DERBY -LAZARUS -2700M 3.17.1 (1.57.4) quinella with Chase the Dream

GREAT NORTHERN OAKS-PICCADILLY PRINCESS-2700M 3.17.9 (1.57.9) quinella with Golden Goddess

You will know them by now-Lazarus, Waikiki Beach, Dream About Me, Piccadilly Princess heads Golden Goddess.

NEW ZEALAND DERBY-LAZARUS-  2600M 3.08.5 (1.56.6)

NEW ZEALAND OAKS-DREAM ABOUT ME - 2600M 3.11.6 (1.58.5) quinella with Golden Goddess

NEVELE R FILLIES FINAL-DREAM ABOUT ME -1950M 2.18.1 (1.53.9) quinella with Golden Goddess

HARNESS JEWELS 3YO DIAMOND -PICCADILLY PRINCESS- one mile 1.53 quinella with Golden Goddess

HARNESS JEWELS 3YO EMERALD-HEAVEN ROCKS-one mile 1.52.4 quinella with Major Ben


***FOUR OF THE ALL STARS THREE YEAR OLDS (Lazarus, Piccadilly Princess, Dream About Me, Waikiki Beach) ARE UNBEATEN IN AUSTRALIA THIS SEASON






It's always nice to win the trainer's premiership and we have won more than our share but it is not a high priority for us again this season. Actually I never set out on a season aiming to win the Premiership. It is the most undervalued prize in harness racing for trainers with only the honour and glory to go with it.  At the beginning of a season I do look at the team and assess how many races I think each horse can win or might win so I have a general total in mind I might aim at and help us judge how the season is going. But that is different from aiming just to win the Premiership.

Besides our operation is not really geared to winning it.  We don't usually start racing seriously until October and we virtually close down after the Jewels to concentrate on the new season team so we have little firepower for three months of the season. We are racing more horses in Australia now  too. We had a good lead at the weekend but I would not be expecting to hold on to that through until the end of the season unless it was a lot bigger by Jewels time.

To us stakes won is always the number one and we also concentrate on age group racing which tails off at this time of the year. We have a big group of two year olds so some might go on a little longer but we will be concentrating on Australian racing and bringing  up the next generation of youngsters. The rising two year olds are really our main winter task because that is where your future stars come from.

I have to say that the premiershipis a talking point through the winter and someday it should have agood financial incentive went with it to the winning stable who helped create that.



Phil Kennard recently reflected on the travelling to race meetings, sales, sales inspections etc and how it has cut down on his time at home in Halswell from Xmas until well into March.

"For me it is truly living the dream " said Phil whose wife Glenys shares most of his travels and all of his enthusiasm for the harness racing game.

Travelling around to the best race meetings with horses in contention for the big races -and winning our share of them-and the sales circuit with all that is involved there are what it's all about for us. Especially being joined by our friends and partners and enjoying their company.  Its a very big part of it. Its not just the winning and the losing though winning is always better. Its mixing with so many great people while doing it"

The Kennards have not just enjoyed what they have been doing. They have been extremely successful in doing it.

The Kennards syndicate success story only stretches back to Fiery Falcon in 2007 yet they have won over 30 Group One races in the eight years since, including a list of multiple wins in the biggest New Zealand features. Luck as always plays a factor, but the Kennard model of buying syndicating and racing horses is a proven success apart from the luck.

  Underpinning it is the experience of a very successful career in the real estate and building industries. Plus the ability to accept disappointment for what it is -what you must expect and a step along the way to the next triumph.

Phil has been following harness racing a long time and his first horses were through an association with Michael House. Michael still prepares a horse for Phil and Glenys most seasons. Brad Mowbray is a young trainer they like to encourage. 

Since joining up with All Stars the success ratio has been high.  Phil knows Mark and Natalie are the best judges around of yearlings so it is not often he does anything else but study the catalogue and make some choices,  have a good look at the horses and then accept their judgment while he concentrates on the syndications. He may enjoy the sales time leadup most of all.

"Generally speaking we only invest back what we win. I know that is easier said than done but it keeps everything to a sensible level. We are not overstretched financially with our syndications -they are more friends than business partners-and that helps you enjoy the racing and the whole experience"

Phil doesn't breed horses and doesn't buy fillies.  Good friends Ken and Karen Breckon-one example of the joy which can come from developing friendships through racing contacts-have the Kennards in a syndicate which includes High Gait. Generally "there's usually more risk with fillies, more frustrations. It's hard enough as it is.  It would be different if we were into breeding but we are not"

There haven't been many trotters either and the trials of Prince Fearless have probably not been a strong case for extensions in that area but he is an undoubted talent.

Phil's real estate days in the family business have taught him  how to keep his cool in the hurly burly of the auction sale ring.

"You can't expect to get all the ones you want.  I assess a top limit for each horse based on what Mark and Natalie think and we don't usually go over  that.  This year we got most of what we wanted but it never works out perfectly"

In nearly all syndicates there are four shares. Racing with other people is very important to the Kennards because the social aspect of the game is a major attraction.  He feels four shares is much the best option and is not interested in managing larger syndicates with a less personal touch.

 Phil is open to selling them on too but always making sure it is well before the end of a horse's career potential when doing so. That is the way to repeat business.

Glenys is essential on the administrative side of the syndicates plus the thrills she gets from race days and nights. . Everyone is up to date and included in all decisions.

But that is not her only contribution by a longshot. Phil says in some ways she is the driving force.

"If there was only one seat left on a plane going to watch one of the horses race I would be left at home" he quips.

"I do the sales and the speeches because Glenys prefers not to be that much in the limelight but it is a full partnership all the rest of the time"

Not surprisingly it is not easy to get into a Kennard syndicate. Shuffling regular associates into the right horses each year is a task causing some suspense among the lucky few and headaches for the Kennards.  Fortunately the swings and roundabouts of horse syndicate ownership means most get at least one opportunity to race a top horse.

Phil is a keen thinker on the Standardbred racing business but because he has chosen not to follow an active role in administration at this stage does not feel he should comment on many aspects of it.

It's results which are most importantand results for the Kennard syndicates is fairly sensational.

Phil and Glenys have had over 150 winners from their Group One performers alone, and their stars  have won nearly $7m. There are two million dollar earners (in their ownership) in Smolda and Highview Tommy with something disastrous having to happen to Lazarus ($901,000) to prevent himadding to that list in the spring.  Five other horses have won over $500,000. The New Zealand, Woodlands Northern, Victorian,  New South Wales and Queensland Derbys have all fallen to the Kennards. And all this in eight years.

A lot of us would like to share that dream !



*****ROY PURDONhas won too many races to be as excited as his partner David Levene after More the Better came out on top at Addington last night but he still reflected on how long it was since he owned a winner at Addington.

"Well its too long. Probably back when Mark Roy was winning the Derby.  I won the Oaks down there about the same time.

Right. Mark Roy and Pacific Flight both co-owned by Roy and both driven by Mark pulled ofF the NZ Derby, NZ Oaks double in 1993

"David is very excited" Roy quipped " and I have to say it is great to win a race down there again"

It shouldn't be the last. More The Better had to work to the front and set a strong pace (2.22.5 for the 1900m) and then scorched home in 56.6 (27.1) for Tim who was suitably impressed.

"It looked tight in the end but he was cruising half way down the straight and might have eased up a bit. I expect he will go to the Sapling Stakes now"


ROY PURDON   is  entitled to be called the greatest harness trainer in our history, but he doesn't get to the races often these days.

"I'm keeping well and get out to the stables of Tony and Barry in the mornings but my hips mean I can't stand up for any length of time so I can't get there as often as I would like" Roy said.

But he will be at Alexandra Park at least once during the upcoming carnival. Because he has a horse to race.

MORE THE BETTER the Bettor's Delight two year old who is All Stars's only two year old representative at the Auckland carnival as a step toward the Young Guns series is now co-owned with Mark by Roy and his long time friend Sir David Levene.

"Mark selected him at the Sales and he and Natalie gifted me a share which was a great gesture. I brought David in with me because we are old friends and have raced horses together before. We didn't have any stars but this one certainly seems promising on what he has done so far"

While Roy is famous for the number of great horses he has produced over many years Sir David Levene was originally famous for his paint products taking a family business from a one store shop in 1947 to over 100 through the country by the time the family sold out of the company in 1994. Since then David Levene, one of the original sponsors of Outward Bound and a long time supporter of many charities and Trusts such as for support of Parkinson's Disease has gained prominence he preferred to avoid as a major sponsor of golfer Lydia Ko in her amateur days.

"We have known each other a long time" Roy said. "Margaret was a long time  friend of the girl David married. Actually another sister married Graeme Douglas (Douglas Pharmaceuticals) ; Graeme and David were knighted the same day and neither of them knew the other one was getting the honour as well. " 

"I am looking forward to seeing the horse racing. I have been around too long to take anything for granted with horses but Mark seems very pleased with him at the moment"

It has been a good start with a dashing trial last week at Rangiora and the trip north worried him not a jot. His head was in the feed bin as soon as he arrived and now a northern racenight is his next challenge

HIS BREEDING -MORE THE BETTER is a breeder's dream-by sire sensation BETTOR'S DELIGHT from a sister to CHRISTIAN CULLEN and cost All Stars $62,500 asa yearling. He is also a half-brother to KATE'S FIRST.  His dam is yet to really make her mark at stud but this is her first foal by Bettor's Delight. A colt by Art Major will be offered at the sales this season by the Radfords who have been soclosely associated with this family.                                                                                                     




Here are all the juvenile G1,G2 and G3 events in NZ this season-EVERY ONE WON BY AN ALL STARS HORSE!

Feb. Sapling Stakes G3-(Chase The Dream) 1st, 3rd, 4th

Feb. Kindergarten Stakes (G3) (Waikiki Beach) 1st, 2nd 3rd-trifecta

Feb. American Ideal Stakes (G3)  (Northern Velocity) 1st and 2nd-quinella

Mar. Cardigan Bay Stakes (G1) (Chase The Dream)  1st and 2nd-quinella

Mar. Caduceus (Southland) (G2) (Arden's Choice) 1st and 2nd-quinella

Apr Welcome Stakes (G2) (Waikiki Beach) 1st 2nd, 3rd 4th ! FIRST FOUR

Apr. Caduceus (G1) (Dream About Me) 1st and 2nd -quinella

Apr. Sires Stakes Filly Final (G1) (Arden's Choice) 1st, 3rd, 4th

May. PGG Wrightson Sales Final (LR) (Northern Velocity) 1st)

May PGG Wrightson Sales Final (LR) (Lazarus) 1st 3rd 4th

May Sires Stakes (male) Final (G1) (Chase the Dream) 1st, 2nd, 3rd-trifecta

May Harness Emerald (G1) (Lazarus)  1st, 2nd, 3rd -trifecta

May Harness Diamond (G1) (Dream About Me) 1st and 2nd-quinella

11 Group wins, 6 Group One, 9 Quinellas, 3 trifectas, 1 First Four


AprilNZ Trotting Championship G2 (High Gait) Q 1st and 2nd quinella

April NZ Trotting Stakes (G3) (High Gait))

May Harness Ruby (G1) (Missandei) 1st and 2nd -quinella

In Australia

APG final (G1) Waikiki Beach

Breeders Crown (G1) Waikiki Beach

Breeders Challenge (G1) Waikiki Beach

Breeders Crown (G1)  High Gait

Redwood Classic (G1) High Gait

Breeders Crown (G1) Dream About Me

CHASE THE DREAM-Male 2yo of the Year -2 G1

NZ Sires Stakes Final G1. Young Guns Final G1. 9st 6w 2 seconds $212,000

WAIKIKI BEACH -2 G1-Australian 2yo of the Year

APG Final G1. NSW Challenge Final. G1   Welcome Stakes G2 11st 11 wins$275,000


Harness Jewels G1. PGG Wrightson Sales Final $150,000

8st 6 wins-2 placings $265,562

DREAM ABOUT ME -Female 2yo of the Year-2 G1

Harness Jewels G1. Sires Stakes Final G1. 7st 7 wins $245,000


Caduceus Classic G1 8st 2 wins 2 placings $128,000


2 wins .4th NSW Challenge G1


PGG Wrightson Sales Final ($146,000) Nevele R Stakes G2


2nd Harness Jewels G1. Sires Stakes G1 $92,000 8st 1 win 6 placings


NZ Trotting Stakes G3. Sires Stakes G2. 2nd Harness Jewels 6st nz 5w


Harness Jewels G1


4TH PGG Wrightson Sales Final ($150,000)


4TH Welcome Stakes G2



As the curtain rolls down on the 2014-2015 season it is timely to review the future plans for the stunning 3yo star HAVE FAITH IN ME. Few would have thought he would be in a class of his own at the beginning of the season by the end of it and the way the brilliant little pacer slowly crept up and passed stablemates like FOLLOW THE STARS and HUG THE WIND has been quite astonishing and a highlight of the season. Even now there is slightly surreal feeling about how he stole one three year old feature after another with brilliance tamed with supreme efficiency. At the end of it he had won every G1 race that counted and was clearly No 1.

A decision was made to abandon his Australian winter campaign which might have had a few thinking of things like New Zealand Cup but Mark and Natalie actually have much more modest aims for him at this stage.

"We made the decision to give him 10 weeks off, a good spell. There was nothing amiss with him. He was 100 per cent. But we considered he had had quite a big season with racing from the spring through to the Harness Jewels and it was time for a break. There is not that much on for him in the spring so it might as well be a good break" Mark said.

Have Faith In Me is a deceptive horse because he is not a big framed pacer and goes best when given time between assignments. So there will be no special pressure on him this year.

"By the time we get him back I think we might be battling to get him to the Cup meeting at Addington at all. You can't be too sure at this stage but his main aim is the December meetings at Alexandra Park and we won't be pressuring him to be ready for Addington. As usual he will tell us when he is ready"

"Then he will probably run in the intermediate cup races like Isaiah did last season and go on to the Taylor  Mile and the Messenger. Nothing too exciting at this stage but there will be some races like the Chariots of Fire that we would be looking at of course and further ahead the Jewels. But we are not looking at taking on the top of the open class older horses at this stage"

The Auckland Cup is moving to December and the Inter Dominions the same so both of those are off the table.

"That is a general plan. You never know what is going to happen and we don't start aiming too high with any horse unless we know they are up to it. We know he has the ability to match the best but this is the sort of programme we have followed with other top three year olds in the past"



YESit a great thing to have several leading contenders chasing the same Group One race and Mark and Natalie's All Stars have been at it all season. Now with 23 in the Jewels on Saturday and with several first AND second favourites in the same race it becomes even trickier than usual. Punters expect their conception of the race to play out and owners always want to see their pride and joy given every chance to win even if they fall a little short at the end. The high expectations of owners and punters of top class horses put a lot of pressure on the stable to ensure everyone is as happy as possible.

It is not easy. And sometimes punters, especially, can get suspicious they backed the "wrong one" in a race with multiple stable entries where certain things happen in a race.

Mark Purdon is especially proud of the fact the running of multiple entries in major races has a squeaky clean record froma "team driving" perspective,

"You can never predict exactly what will happen in a race so sometimes you might see something happen and think or assumed it was planned that way but almost always that is not the case. I mean you are not going to do something to cost a stablemate a chance to win but we are very sensitive about the public view of how our horses are run. It is not only because we are the biggest stable and our image is important to the whole game. It is just that it is the right thing to do by everybody concerned"

One rule Mark has is that he does not give any instructions to outside drivers in major races, in this case Jim Curtin (Cash N Flow) and Blair Orange (Linda Lovegrace)

"I prefer them to drive their own race and that way there is no confusion if an inquiry eventuates. I don't want driving instructions to suggest that there is any teamwork involved. As I said sometimes the race just does not work out the way we think it will or anyone thinks it will and we want it to be open to any questions"

Mark saysthe stable drivers may have an understanding of what might happen but once the starter says go it is everyone for him(her)self.

"I like to think each driver is driving for the owners of the horse they are handling. In these sort ofraces that is the only approach you can have which works."

Of course topline drivers have a better idea than the public of the skills and foibles of their charges and those of rival horses.  But even they often have to quickly adapt to surprise tactics and nothing is ever written in concrete.

Especially in driving instructions at All Stars

Kevin Riseley Flying High in Two Countries -and at Two Gaits


Kevin and Carol Riseley do a lot of trans Tasman flying these days and many of the trips are pleasurable. The Riseleys have had wonderfulsuccess in their home country over the years but now they are fully involved in racing on this side of the ditch.

SUPERSONIC MISS has been one of his bigger winners to date but BORDER CONTROL has produced many thrills and is still the fastest 3yo in Australasia as well as KEPT UNDER WRAPS/THREE PINTS  and he has purchased shares in several of the class of 2015. They are all pacers but back home in Victoria Kevin is even better knownfor his great success as a breeder and racer of trotting horses.

Kevin, who started breeding in the 1980's and has a state of the art property near Shepparton of 50ha is naturally proud of what he and his family have achieved.

 Kevin Riseley after Supersonic Miss had won the Harness Jewels last year

Kevin Riseley after Supersonic Miss had won the Harness Jewels last year

"We are the only breeders to produce four Breeders Crown and last year we were lucky enough to win the Breeder of the Year award in Victoria" Kevin noted during his latest trip to Addington where Supersonic Miss and Kept Under Wraps were competing. He and Carol spent a week in Christchurch before flying home but will be back for the Jewels day on May 30.

Early on Kevin became best known through the deeds of National Interest a pacing bred trotter (by Torado Hanover) which won over $300,000. National Interest was from Late Withdrawal a daughter of Bay Goola one of Kevin's first purchases. He is still breeding from the family now into its fourth generation. He also stood stallions at Sheron Park which he established in 1985.

"Late Withdrawal was by our stallion Magnus Apollo and left Right Interest which won a Breeders Crown as well (as the NSW Trotting Derby and Oaks) as well as Magic Interest (Breeders Crown) and Astrud which was another topliner as well as others including Leavemein which is going well for us as a broodmare"

Kevin went into the harness game at full pitch. He has raced horses successfully in the United States and imported several mares from there. Among them was Panbroke a daughter of an American Horse of the Year and the dam of Tsaonga which was sold and went on to be Kevin's fourth Breeder's Crown winner as a breeder. She also left Mister Gunson and Dougie both prolific winners.

There have been plenty of other good winners from other sources including Be My Side which won a Vicbred 4yo Final and 13 of just 22 starts bred from Spring Wiper.

More recently Lennytheshark has been a big winner for the Sheron Park owner. The former NSW Derby and Vicbred Final winner, had nearly a year away from racing from mid 2013 after a leg injury but has bounced back possibly better than ever his recent wins including the appropriate Sheron Park Captain Sandy Stakes sponsored by the stud. His long term aim is the Inter Dominion in Perth in December.

In 2009 when he had around 30 broodmares, Kevin decided to cut back and offered 24 of them at auction. These days he has still kept the numbers down but his down to about five broodmares . retaining some Bay Goola line mares. But he is still a  very busy man. He  has widespread interests in racing and breeding administration  He was also a member of a syndicate with purchased several yearlings for Barry Purdon's stable on one of whom Cheer The Lady won the NZ Oaks and-yes you guessed it, a Breeder's Crown.

Mark recalled how Kevin -and his nephew Martin- came into Supersonic Miss.

"Kevin rang me at the airport after the Melbourne sale and asked what shares were available in the colts. I had to tell him that they were all gone and he only one available was Supersonic Miss which I had bought on spec because she appealed to me. He came in on that and was always in Border Control too"

Kevin was a highly successful businessman initially with several panel repair shops in Melbourne and then a tow truck operation and trucking parts.

"I have handed that over to my son now and he has extended it interstate so I have even more time for the horses."

But cars and their business are still an interest. He has several classic cars including a Model T Ford and  they are another interest for an interesting bloke.

HIghest priority though is still breeding or racing horses who can win a Breeder's Crown-and now a Harness Jewels to match.





Dennis Dunford -one phone call started trail of success

Mark and Dennis Dunford have had more success as owners than most at All Stars. Alleluia, Hands Christian and Have Faith in Me are just the most recent. But the Auckland real estate executive recalled after the latter's great Sires Stakes victory that it wasn't always that way.

"I think I started racing horses about 1991 somewhere around there. We had a bit of success early on but no headliners and it seemed to get worse as time went on instead of better. I decided I wanted to stay in the game and that if I was going to do so I had to change my approach"

Out of the blue he rang Mark Purdon.

"I didn't  know him and he didn't know me. I said I wanted to to buy a horse and race it from his stable and Mark agreed. He would select one for us at the sales for us to race.  That first one was Steve McQueen and it has gone from there. They haven't all worked of course but it was the right decision on the way to getting a really good horse"

Steve McQueen, raced in partnership, was a great start for the Dunfords. He only won three races -but what races ! He won two Sales races including a $107,000 prize in the Sales Open driven by Blair Orange and also won the Cardigan Bay Stakes then a Group Three race.



Hands Christian has been a big winner for the Dunfords on their own account even if they have need the patience of Job to keep the racing faith with him after he had twice gone amiss with a tendon problem. One aspect of Have Faith In Me's triumph on Cup Day in the Sires Stakes which must have caused much celebration for the owners was how close they had come with Hands Christian beaten half a head by Gold Ace in the same race in 2011. Hands Christian wen on to win the Easter Cup but suffered a number of close defeats. Alleluia was at one stage the most brilliant three year old in the All Stars stable though he never quite lived up to that early promise. He is now racing in Australia.

Mark Dennis was one of the most promising horses of his crop winning a Sires Stakes heat in 2.20.9 in one of only four starts here, winning two  of them. In the second he beat Smolda and All Star Man He has done well in Australia and this month ran fourth to Beautide in 1.50.4 in the Group One Amatil Sprint. He has won over $200,000 across the Tasman with a best winning mr of 1.54.2.

Dennis makes no secret of  how his religious beliefs play a big role in his life and helps names like Emmanuel. A two year old in the stable has been renamed Peace Be With You. He reveals that Have Faith in Me was intended to be called Have Faith In God.

"Then I considered that the horses from that family generally have Me at the end of their name (Adore Me;Christen Me etc) so I changed it to Have Faith In Me. And you may have noticed I got to mention Deo Gratias (Thanks Be to God) in my speech! I believe all these things are part of life"

Whatever the strategy or the beliefs it works. and that Deo Gratias might well be about the day Dennis Dunford decided to ring Mark,


They Won the Cup- But they thought they had run second!

Mary and Paul Kenny are two of the most enthusiastic owners you will find in harness racing. It is not unusual for them to fly down from Auckland to watch "Ruby" run a trial. But at their greatest moment in harness racing, Adore Me winning the New Zealand Cup, they thought they had run second.

"We were on quite an angle" Mary said.

"When they got to the line we thought we were second. I thought, well that;s quite good for a mare in a race like this. It took some time before we realised we had won"

Paul has been a major player in thoroughbred racing for many years and has had Sydney Cup contenders among others. But he was in no doubt about what it meant yesterday.

"This would take a lot of equalling"

The Kenny's were not alone.

Mark confessed he wasn't entirely sure Adore Me had won either.

"My view of John Dunn's horse (Franco Nelson) was obscured by the horse between us. So I wasn't really sure and probably would have accepted we had been beaten"

Arden Rooney didn't quite make it on the day but when you look at the time he ran it was  terrific performance.

Hands Christian did not turn out to be a fairytale but as far as Natalie is concerned he won the most important tribute from a horseman of all - to his character and heart

"It wasn't good. I felt he propped soon after the start and that was where his leg  felt the strain. But he never wanted to give up. He ran his heart out. When you look at where he finished it was a great effort. He is just such a amazing horse"



"I am feeling good about our horses this year confident they can have a say in the outcome. Maybe not the level of confidence I had about JACK CADE in his year. I thought if things went his way he would win but it just didn't quite go our way,

ADORE ME has had a trouble free preparation. She has done everything we have asked, she is as fit as we can get her. I rate her a better mare than last season which is saying a bit but she is definitely stronger. She has been beginning well at home since the Cup Trial and I am hoping that was just a one off.  A handy front line draw would have been ideal. She could be fairly sure of getting out to a position where you have a few options. Where we start behind Four Starzz Flash or maybe Hands Christian it will be fine if they do things right but you are not always in control of the situation. To beat horses like Terror To Love and Christen Me you need luck on your side and luck early is quite important. But I am sure she will be hard to beat if she gets that little bit of luck. I am not too concerned about the talk about mares. We took them all on in the Derby and the Auckland and Easter cups and she has proven she has what it takes.

HANDS CHRISTIAN has been the surprise packet. When we first sat down and graded the five runners we had for the Cup he was number five. Not because of his ability but because of what he had been through with injuries which are not easy to come back from. Now he is just about Number one !  He has always been a class horse and he seems to be just thriving.

ARDEN ROONEY is a stout stayer and that his ticket into the money. He has had a great prep. too I am really happy with him. He has done everything we have asked of him and he has thrived. He does a lot of galloping and he loves it.  He is a better horse this time in. I think he will go a big race.

It is tricky trying to predict how the race might be run. You have to sum it up as it happens in a race like that. You might miss the start or one of the hardest to beat might and you have to react to that. Obviously you want to be somewhere where you have options where you can have more control of the race. It doesn't always happen like that.

Terror To Love and Christen Me still seem the hardest to beat for me. If Christen Me makes a smart beginning and Dexter decides he doesn't want to hand it up it is going to take a game decision to try and race him. The same goes for Terror To Love. Yet if you sit back a horse like that will control the race and you find it hard to get into it. I think there are only four or five realistic win chances -as it is with most Cups. Franco  Nelson is one of the better upset chances. He has speed and if he gets the run where he can capitalise on his speed he will be hard to beat.

I respect good Australian horses but I am not sure about the two coming into this race. For a start number one is a bad position for a 3200m stand event. It is just hard to get away on even terms from there. And I don't know the two of them are up there with some we have had like in the peak of their careers. You never know of course ! But I am going with the favourites here as the ones to beat.

I think we have a real shot to win another Cup. I will know a lot more after 20m or so. But that's racing.


"I have been happy with HANDS CHRISTIAN for quite a while now. He has just kept getting better and better and his work this morning (Sunday) was right up there with what I was hoping for.. I suppose we all were afraid something would go wrong with the leg but it has stood up well. We have managed it which is why he has had only two starts but it hasn't given us much to worry about.

Two races in two years and win the NZ Cup ? You wouldn't think so and it might not be enough. We won't know that until Tuesday. But everything he does suggests that it might not be a problem.

He is not always a brilliant beginner. He wasn't perfect at the Cup Trial and he wasn't perfect at Ashburton but they were not big mistakes he recovered pretty quick. Not foolproof but you would hope he would do things right.

You do your homework before the race and consider your options but as Mark says you can't set anything down as certain. You can only aim for the run which will give your horse its best chance and that is what I will be thinking about. Its probably the great thing about standing starts. They make things much less predictable.

I think Terror To Love and Christen Me are maybe the top tier and Adore Me is just behind them or maybe up with them. Then there is a group which have an upset chance depending on how the race is run, but there are only a few of them. There are always a group which doesn't really have a winning chance and you have to keep an eye out for them too.

(The tip from Natalie came after her assessment of the field in which she appeared to rate Adore Me above Hands Christian on Tuesday. Was that so we asked ?

"Not necessarily '' was the reply. It may pay to remember that!)






Mares have not been notable in numbers winning the NZ Cup in recent years. In fact Mainland Banner was the last one in 2005 in 4.04 the slowest time of the last decade. Alta Serena, dam of Hughie Green, was the runner-up. Four years previously Kym's Girl won and Blossom Lady nine years before that. Then you have to go back to 1981 and 1982 when outright champions Armalight and Bonnies Chance were back to back winners. But you had to go way back to 1949 to find the next female winner in Loyal Nurse and it was in those intervening years that the belief grew what mares could not beat the males over a searching "two miles"- 3200m to you.

It was odd because mares had had a great record in the early years of the Cup winning nearly half of the first 17 runnings of the race.

The improvement in veterinary practice is one factor changing that. In earlier decades mare's coming into season in the spring affected their Cup preparations in a time when many contenders did not have the racing opportunities of today.  And while in recent times the increase in rich races restricted to fillies and mares has persuaded many trainers that rather than a Cup gutbuster better to extend race careers by keeping to the easier assignments.

Kiwi Ingenuity who was unplaced twice, is the most recent star mare to try the Cup. Special Ops ran fourth behind Flashing Red and Its Ella posted a third placing. Maybe a mare is due to win again you might think.

Adore Me has the credentials. Unusually, Mark stepped her out against the best male three year olds in the Woodlands Stud Northern Derby and she put up a huge performance for third. Last summer he put her in the Auckland Cup and she beat all but Terror To Love Then last autumn he tried her in the Easter Cup which she won in 3.59 and change perhaps only a couple of seconds outside which she might have to run to win the Cup. She beat Terror To Love. It was the classic trial for the main goal, the NZ Cup.

Because of her feats against males, Adore Me is the strongest NZ Cup contender among the females at least since Mainland Banner. Which makes her at $10 at the time of writing a great Cup bet.



Of course he must have otherwise Mark and Natalie wouldn't be starting him ! But seriously will a lack of racing find Hands Christian out at the end of a hard 3200m ?

Its possible. Before his great run in the Canterbury Classic he had not raced for two years and five months since breaking down in the Messenger (4th) at Alexandra Park. In the previous month he had won the Easter Cup in 4.04 beating Terror To Love -only his third win at Addington after a heartbreak loss to Gold Ace in the Sires Stakes Final at three.  But he had a lot of racing leading up to that Easter Cup including a win in the Paleface Adios in Australia.

To be honest few male pacers in modern times have won the race with two races in two years -actually none-and Mark concedes that he would have had more racing but for the tendon issues he has had in the past which has restricted the race pressure he and Natalie have been prepared to put him under. But he has been in work a long time and his actual fitness levels will equal most in this field. And he pulled up so well in the Flying Stakes he might not even need to go to the Cup Trial.

Hands Christian's being able to resume after such a long break and match up with the best has caught the eye of canny punters. When the Cup book opened he was at $61 but he is a lot shorter now. Even before the drive on Smolda or Adore Me was going for the Cup Natalie said she was more than happy to drive Hands Christian. The lady is a fine judge.

The record book is against the gallant Hands. But then record books have surrendered to Cup winners in the past and he is on track for a truly remarkable comeback-one of the biggest in cup history.

It won't be easy. You couldn't say it was probable. But it can happen.



MARK and Natalie have been around top horses for a long time and Mark's list of leading New Zealand Cup contenders is a lengthy one. But even among so many individuals Smolda stands out -and not because he is difficult to deal with. Its just that he can be a bit of a mystery. Top trainers don't like mysteries especially leading in to big races.

The reason Mark has had so many expert Cup preps_and now Natalie too is that they are experts at looking at a horse and see things other people miss. They also time a star against the clock and still know that all is not well even if the clock says it is.

Yes they monitor all the usual things, heart rates, feed bins, any signs of change. But all good trainers can do that. The difference between the good and the great is something else-the sixth sense, the feeling there is something going on which needs more investigating even before the experts are called in.

That is where Smolda can present problems-because he hates any fuss-about anything.

"He's always been a very laid back sort of horse" Mark says.

"It is hard to get a line on his work and always has been. He does what he has to and its always good work but you are left wondering just how good it was just how forward he is. It is not until you get to the trials or raceday you find that out fully"

There was a good example  last January when Smolda in his first race in yonks buried a field at Addington in 3.10 and change. Even Mark was surprised by that one.

"Sometimes you forget how good he is" he said then.

But its his laid back approach which gives his trainers plenty of time for thinking.

Before his season debut he seemed pretty forward but racenight proved otherwise. Even Mark looked a tad disappointed but he just thought Smolda needed more racing. Then he thought maybe there was something else. Blood tests required. They came back perfect.

But something was niggling at Mark and Natalie. Sure enough a second round of tests showed a white cell count amiss. In between Smolda ate away at the same rate and did everything else by the book.

Many horses test the skills and patience of their trainers but not all because they are so relaxed and easy going. So in any race Smolda is stepping out in there is even for experts, a little doubt as to what is going to happen. He'll be good of course-but how good?

Sometimes only Smolda knows. And he's not telling!




Duane Marfisi  has not been that long in New Zealand and he is already off to Australia. He left All Stars on Thursday to look after FOLLOW THE STARS and LINDA LOVEGRACE who  went earlier in the day and it is a measure of the regard in which he is held that there was no hesitation in the assignment.

Not that Duane lacks qualifications. In fact he must be the best credentialled stablehand in Australasia. Many with his background might be looking for higher honours and recognition but Duane can't fault life as he has it now.

He came here about six months ago because his wife, Janet, had gained a position in animal research in Christchurch. She is a qualified veterinarian with a lot of experience in different fields in different countries before moving to Christchurch to work at an international laboratory. Previiously Duane had worked with horses in Ontario for many years. In fact he had a star of the tracks some years ago with Dali who had the misfortune to be born in the same crop as Somebeachsomewhere. That didn't stop Dali from winning major events at the Meadowlands as well as in Ontario. when establishing himself as the fastest juvenile in the world. His landmark victory was in the Woodrow Wilson at two a huge performance and he held the world record on a 1000m track at three when Somebeachsomewhere stole all the glory. But Dali still won $C1.4m and took a mark of 1.48.,2 before being retired to stud. 

Duane can't get over the changes in training here compared to Canada.

"I think they treat them more as horses here than in Canada. I like the variety here too, the different tracks and different distances. We go a mile at home and that is pretty much it. That also makes a difference to the way we train them. We work them up in generally the same way but there are quite major differences."

"We couldn't put horses in paddocks up there in winter of course. It does me good to seem them getting out in the paddocks here in midwinter."

Duane worked with the leading horsemen in Canada before setting up on his own and spent about 20 years training around 25 horses in Ontario. He was well trained and rarely eased off the workload during the day.

 DALI winner of the Woodrow Wilson at the Meadowlands at two

DALI winner of the Woodrow Wilson at the Meadowlands at two

"I'd go around the studs each year and look over the yearlings much as here and try and get one who could take you all the way. Dali (Real Artist) was a great horse but he was just born the wrong year."

It tells you a lot about the sort of guy Duane is that the former trainer of a champion is just as happy looking after the stars of All Stars without any airs, graces or feeling of superiority. One of his strengths is his people skills, getting on with all the staff with a quiet manner and strong work ethic.

"I don't really miss that pressure you have with a top horse or a leading stable. I watch Mark and Natalie on the phone so much of the day and I  know all about that. I am happy just working with the horses"

But surely Duane might think once more about his own stable ?

"My ideal is to buy a place close by here and have maybe four horses to work when I go home. That is as far as I would want to go. I have done all the rest"

"We love it here. The family is a long way away but everything else is just great"

It hasn't taken long for Duane and Janet to get involved in one area however. Along with Mark and Natalie they have shares in All Star Angus a young trotter in the stable. 





Matt Anderson got his All Stars career away to a great start at Rangiora on Sunday  when Better With Bourbon won with a well judged drive- his first for Mark and Natalie.

BETTER WITH BOURBON shot out from the 3 gate and Matt handed up to the favourite Western Art which Nigel McGrath was always going to take to the front. From then it was just a matter of Matt timing his run and the brother to Emmanuel ran home in better than 59 to win well. It had all gone to plan. 

It's an ill wind which blows no good the adage goes and the departure of Nathan and Michael Purdon on their OE this months  left an opening for a mate, Matt, 22, at All Stars

He has spent six months with Tony Herlihy but  always intended  heading back south and the All Stars chance is a dream come true.

It was great up there with Tony but you don't get many driving opportunities with the number of meetings and field sizes. Even the senior drivers battle to get full books so it is pretty tough"

"With Nathan headed away there was an opening for a junior driver "

Matt does not have a racing background but after starting with Dean Taylor spent a year with Robbie Holmes who gave him his first winner, Highview Ebony, at Rangiora last August within two weeks of his being granted a raceday licence. Trouble Whiz (Lou Driver) won on the same track in November and in the north Matt reined f three winners for Ken Sefonte and one for Maurice McKendry so he had the confidence of experts. He has now added two more to the list.


ALL STARS won 38 races this season just at Premier meetings those wins being worth more than $1.7m. By comparison only eight trainers have prepared more than 38 winners all season at any type of meeting and none have won more than $1.2m in total. All Stars is tantalisingly close to $3m for the season a mark it has reached only once before.

 The Premier total while not a record for the stable is remarkable in that the stable was lightly represented in early Premier meetings. Strike rates however were extremely high.

All Stars only had seven starters on Show Day at Addington this year and only four at the first Premier meeting at Auckland on December 6. While it reached a peak of 20 starters at an April Premier at Addington it had seven and eight respectively in the two Premiers leading into the Jewels. It only had five at the Addington February Premier and there wee only six at the Auckland Cup meeting when FOLLOW THE STARS announced himself on the G1 scene. There were also only a handful when Alta Orlando gave All Stars its second successive win in the PGG Wrightson Sales Finals. The stable won 10 Group One races at Premier meetings alone, ADORE ME 's Easter Cup win being at a non Premier meeting. 

The most rewarding individual meeting (apart from Jewels day) was, as is so often the case, the New Year's Eve meeting at Alexandra Park where a total of $267,000 was topped with four winners two of them Group One winners while Isaiah won the richest race on the programme the sales pace final



BLAIR ORANGE was due to finish at All Stars stable on Saturday  after a decade associated with the best stable in the country- and plenty to show for it.

He finished on a high breaking into the "100 club" for the first time the latest in a string of records he has established over the years.

"My target was 50 at the start of the season. I thought I was doing well when I got to 75 and then I thought, well I might as well go for the 100. I might not get a chance to get this close again"

With help from the Mark Jones stable he has achieved his target -well ahead of any previous season.

The stimulus All Stars gave his young driving career speak for itself.

 There were two Harness Jewels for Merv and Blair 

There were two Harness Jewels for Merv and Blair 

He had of course helped make his own luck, making marked improvement to rein 37 winners in the 2002 season mostly for smaller trainers like Trevor Craddock, Mike Austin, Craig Buchan, Kevin Townley, Andrew Stuart, Brian Kerr, John Parsons, Michael House and Peter Cowan. It is significant that his 100th winner for this  season was for Austin and his last driving night under the All Stars banner features a drive for Buchan. But the chance to work with Mark Purdon was going to another level and Blair has always aspired to the next level.

"Mark rang me out of the blue. I had never driven for him. We talked, he made me an offer and I accepted. "

Ohoka Atom was his first winner for the stable but one of his biggest thrills came a month later when Waihemo Hanger won at the Cup meeting.

"I had never driven a winner on Cup Day so that was special ." Ironically one of his earlier regular drives for Mike Austin, Ado's Invasion, was second handled by Mark Jones.

Blair's career had started nearly seven years earlier when he was with Tim Butt and drove Whizza Nova to win at Reefton in 1996. He won 18 races in his first season for All Stars but by 2007 topped $1m in stakes won thanks chiefly to Ohoka Arizona, Fiery Falcon and Steve McQueen. In only one season since have his stakes won been less than seven figures. His best season for the stable in  terms of wins was 2012 when he won 46 for All Stars from a season driving  total of 81. However even in his final season with Mark and Natalie driving many of the A graders he won 39 races for the stable. 

Altogether he has won $12.6m in stakes for owners over the years.

His biggest month for All Stars was in March of 2009 when he drove 11 winners for the stable going close with 10 in the same month this season.

So as he heads for his own training career -though with plenty of free lance driving still part of the package-what has he learned. Naturally the answer is "a lot".

"Obviously the overall organisation is something you don't work with often. I have worked in other top stables such as Tim and Anthony's but there is always something different they do, something you can pick up on.

 Smiles with Neil and Trevor after Zakariah upsets them in the Welcome Stakes

Smiles with Neil and Trevor after Zakariah upsets them in the Welcome Stakes

"The handling of the two year olds has been one of the great experiences for me. How they are brought along and managed and each one assessed for what they can handle as youngsters. Then how they are managed during their campaigns. There was a lot in that''

"But the overall routines and stable management was just as important. So much to learn and adapt when I go out on my own training. Mark is a master at planning a programme so the horses peak for the big days. Not many can do it like he and Natalie can''

" From a driving viewpoint the horses at All Stars give you confidence in what you are going. That is a hell of an advantage and it carries over to your other drives "

If it was so good why leave ?

 Lennon Rocks Them for new All Stars driver 2003

Lennon Rocks Them for new All Stars driver 2003

"I would have been quite happy to stay to be honest if an offer like Ken's (Barron) had not come along. But I was going to have to strike out a bit more on my own sooner or later and this was a deal I thought too good to let pass. It could open the way for me to have my own training operation which is the long term aim. In the meantime I will still be doing a lot of free lance and some of that for Mark Jones who has been such a boost to me this season."

Blair is aware there are plenty with doubts he is doing the right thing but that is of no concern to me.

"While I was mulling over the offer I had a few doubts myself but once I made the decision I was confident it was the right one and what anybody else thinks is not important to me. 

It would be fair to say Blair Orange came to All Stars still an apprentice and left as graduate with honours on the driving track. So what were his five most memorable experiences at the stable ?

In no particular order:

  1. LENNON "I won a lot of races with Lennon in my first season with Mark and races like the Kindergarten, Welcome, Sapling and the Sires Stakes. He was a class horse and he gave me a lot of confidence I could measure up in the big stuff"
  2. WAIHEMO HANGER  "He have me my first winner at the Cup meeting and that was a huge thrill for me at the time. You don't forget things like that"
  3. AUCKLAND REACTOR- "I won the Taylor Mile behind him. He was just a terrific horse. He had that something extra you never forget "
  4. ADORE ME -"Winning the Easter Cup gave a thrill like Auckland Reactor had. A special horse to drive"
  5. HIGHVIEW TOMMY " He might have only run second in the Cup but second in the Cup was a big thing for me. It is the race everyone wants to win and we went close. He gave me a lot of other big moments too and Tommy could be full of surprises so you never knew quite what was going to happen"

(Blair set some sort of record with Highview Tommy too driving him to win in five successive seasons. Maybe not even Mark has done that with one of the team in Blair's eara).

 Highview Tommy-won races in five successive years.

Highview Tommy-won races in five successive years.