Waikiki Beach- Somebeachsomewhere- Cyclone Betty-Bettor's Delight- T G Casey, Mrs C M Rasmussen

Vincent -Art Major  -Kept for Pleasure-Safely Kept. W Feiss

Have Faith In Me- Bettors Delight-Scuse Me by B G's Bunny. D and M Dunford

Heaven Rocks-- Rock n Roll Heaven -Mendelica-Pacific Fella.  G and P Kennard, K Riseley, P and M Creighton G R Douglas

Lazarus- Bettor's Delight - Bethany-Christian Cullen. G and P Kennard, K Riseley,  T G Casey

Mr Kalypso-Art Major-Kalypso-Safely Kept . Ms N Rasmussen, T Titcomb, N PIlcher

Bettor Be Gold -Bettor's Delight -Return to Gold-Armbro Operative. F Tong and W R Pengelly

Partyon Bettor's Delight-Beach Parade-Beach Towel.  Breckon Farms Top 10 Syndicate

Piccadilly Princess-(2012)  Bettor's Delight-Hyde Park Royal-Holmes Hanover. Patterson Bros Syndicate, M Ward, S Bradley, A Wilson, C Cuneen

More the Better-(2014)- Bettor's Delight-Lucky Pocket-In the Pocket. M Purdon, R C Purdon, Sir David Leven

Dream About Me-(2012) Bettor's Delight-Splendid Dreams-Dream Away C J Roberts, Est Mrs J L Roberts, P Kenny, Mrs M Kenny

The Fixer-(2013)  Bettor's Delight-Tosti Girl-Christian Cullen  P and G  Kennard, R Magness, R Fleetwood, Mrs P Gilla

Cash n Flow- (2012) Mach Three-Karen Donna-In the Pocket.  G Woodham, F Tong, W Pengelly.

Ultimate Machete (2014) -Bettor's Delight-Reality Check-Armbro Operative) P and G Kennard, P and M Creighton, G Douglas, K Riseley

3 yo

All U Need is Faith -(g 2014) Art Major-Pacing Grace-In the Pocket. D and M Dunford 

Anthem (2014)  Bettor's Delight-La Soiree-Dream Away  G and P Kennard,  T Casey, K Riseley

Atomic Reactor- (2014) Auckland Reactor-Make Mine Roses-Washington VC   N Cournane, Mrs D M Cournane, D R Illingworth, Mrs E Earnshaw

Chase Auckland- (2014) Auckland Reactor-Delicate-Falcon Seelster. Alabar Stud Syndicate

Ready To Bloom- (2014) Bettor's Delight-Bendall Rose-Walton Hanover.   G and P Kennard, M and  S Kirkwood, G Douglas, D Dean

Winterfell-(2014) Majestic Son-Una Bromac-Live or Die   T G Casey

Delight In Me. (2014) Bettor's Delight-Spendid Dreams-Dream Away. C J Roberts, P and Mrs M Kenn

Duplicated (2014) Somebeachsomewhere-Twice as Great-Artiscape.  G and P Kennard, Breckon Racing, J and A Gibbs, G and K Woodham

Elle Mac-(2014) -Bettor's Delight-Goodlookingirl-Christian Cullen   Mrs J Feiss

Gentle Giant-Bettor's Delight-Gentle Anvil-Christian Cullen  G and P Kennard, G and K Woodham, Breckon Racing, J and A Gibbs

Honour and Glory- (c 2014) Art Major -Breath of Life-Village Jasper. Butterworth Racing, D and N Cournane

Semiranide- ( f2014) Mach Three-La Fenice-Falcon Seelster  Mrs C M Rasmussen, V J Rasmusse

A Lister- (2014) Bettor's Delight-Legs and Lips-Christian Cullen .  B J and Mrs C M Whitelo

Ashley Locaz -(g 2014) Bettor's Delight-Ashley Cullen-Christian Cullen.  P and J L Van Beek, J H and  L I Van Bee

Funatthebeach- (2014) Somebeachsomewhere-Minnie Moose-Bettor's Delight.  N Pilcher  P J Hailes, T Casey

Bare Knuckle-(2014) Raging Bull- Coca Vicola)    H and A Da

Bettor's Reward (f 2014)  Bettor's Delight-Highly Regal-Grinfromeartoear  Mrs C M Rasmussen, Mrs M McKay, D J Tonks, Butterworth Racing, D and V War

Sicario- (2014) Somebeachsomewhere-Betterthanyou-Bettor's Delight  Mrs J Feiss

Ohanzee-  2014  Art Major-Spitfire Shadow  Mrs C M Rasmussen and T Titcomb

Shenandoah -  2014 Somebeachsomewhere-Asajah-Christian Cullen Rogerson Thoroughbred Harness Syndicate

Major Shard -2014 g Art Major-Lady Gagaga-Christian Cullen  Mrs J Feiss

Speech in Silver - 2014 c Mach Three-Silence Is Golden-Grinfromeartoear   G and P Kennard, Mrs C M Rasmussen

Spankem- 2014- Bettor's Delight- Crushem-Holmes Hanover  G and P Kennard, J and A Gibbs, G and K Woodham, Breckon Racing Syndic

Conway Beach-  2014f Somebeachsomewhere-Arctic Fire-Courage Under Fire  Mrs C M Rasmussen T L Titc

Kings Landing- 2014 g Muscle Hill-Pocaro-Sundon   T G Cas

The Devil's Own-2014  g Art Major-Bishop's Blessing-Live or Die   G and P Kennard, G and K Woodham, J and A Gibbs, Breckon Racing Syndic

Think About Me - 2014 c Christian Cullen-Imagine Me -Dream Away  C J Robe

Turn It Up -2014 g Courage Under Fire- Our Naratuc Bella-Western Ideal   N Pilcher and J A  G

Tennyson Bromac- 2014 g Bettor's Delight-Talluha Bromac-Artsplace   G and P Kennard, N and M Lancaster, Mrs J Grainger, C R Knowle

Zion Bromac -2014 g Courage Under Fire-Zante Beach-Fake Left.   Mrs C M Rasmussen, N Pilcher, M Woodl

Two Year Olds (foals of 2015) ( moving to and fro full training during spring )

A Bettor Act-  Bettor's Delight-A Christian Act-Christian Cullen    A Few Good Men Syndicate

Bolting Bookmaker- Bettor's Delight-C Ya Later- Mach Three    

Bubbled Up -American Ideal-Speights Girl-Mach Three     Breckon Farms  The Perfect Ten Syndicate

Princess Tiffany-Art Major-Dancing Diamonds-Bettor's Delight       B and C Whitelock

Kayla Marie-Bettor's Delight-Braeside Star-Soky's Atom   B and C Whitelock

Horotane Jack- Bettor's Delight-Miss Elsie- Elsu    

Lovemelikeyoudo (T)- Love You-Regal Volo-Malabar Man    Breckon Farms The Perfect Ten Syndicate

Cheerful (T)-  2 f Muscles Yankee-Superbowlcheerleader-   B and C Whitelock

Self Assured- Bettor's Delight -Star of Venus-Christian Cullen   Mrs J Feiss

Master Piece-

Much Bettor- c Bettor's Delight-Courage A Plenty-Courage Under Fire   S J Byrne M Williams, N Skilling, S R Thompson, R Waller, B Irvine

Ultimate Sniper-  Bettor's Delight-Reality Check-Armbro Operative   G and P Kennard, G R Douglas, P and M Creighton, K Riseley

Portalegre -Bettor's Delight-Marvao Cam -Christian Cullen  G and P Kennard, C Knowler, N and M Lancaster,  J and M Calcott

Major Coo- Art Major-Long LIve Lana-In the Pocket     G and P Kennard,  N and M Lancaster, C R Knowler, J and J Grainger

Jesse Duke-  Bettor's Delight-Daisy Dundee-In the Pocket  Mrs J Feiss

Bettor My Dreamz- Bettor's Delight-All My Dreamz-Dream Away

Downtown Babe-Mach Three-Uptown Attitude-Christian Cullen    

-Winter- f Bettor's Delight-Pocketfulofposies-In The Pocket  

Ruby Rose- Bettor's Delight-Maid In Splendour-Christian Cullen    Mrs J Feiss

Having The Faith=A Rock n Roll Dance -Christian Party-Christian Cullen  D and M Dunford

Jack Jones -Art Major-Jacinta Jones-Christian Cullen   G and P Kennard, Breckon Racing Syndicate, J and A Gibbs, G and K Woodham

Letterkenny Boy- Art Major-Postmark-Fake Left  T W Patterson  Mrs C Rasmussen

Slingshot-Bettor's Delight-Catapult-Artsplace

Taxman- Bettor's Delight-Strawberry Fields-Presidential Ball   G and P Kennard, Breckon Racing Syndicate, J and  A Gibbs, G and K Woodham

The Empress-Art Major-Easton All Action-Washington VC  Butterworth Racing

-The Moonshadow- Bettor's Delight-My Style-McArdle   G and P Kennard, K Riseley, P and M Creighton, G Douglas

Ulysses - Art Major-Alto Calypso-Village Jasper  G and P Kennard, N Pilcher, M and S Kirkwood

Veni Vidi Vici - Auckland Reactor-La Fenice-Falcon Seelster  V J and Mrs C M Rasmussen

Ex Australia-names not confirmed

Art Major-Vista Bella-spelling



Art Major-Easton All Action- spelling




182 wins in 2015-2016 ANZ seasons-greatest ever by a NZ stable.